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Street Children Education program

The idea of Justice Yusaf Saraf Centre started developing in 2011. Educating those street children with no resources was only an idea when late Justice Yusaf Saraf’s family expressed their desire to give some donation for a new educational complex in 2012. The idea of educating street children was proposed to them and after mutual agreement it was decided that the new educational complex would be called Justice Yusaf Saraf Centre for Research, Rehabilitation & Mainstreaming of Street Children (RRMSC).The ground breaking ceremony of Justice Yusaf Saraf Center was held on 17th November 2012

Apart from that, all possible steps were taken to create awareness in the society, at all levels, about the concept behind Justice Yusaf Saraf Center so that people can start identifying it as a serious issue which needs to be addressed immediately

Mauqa Schools for Street Children

While the building of Justice Yusaf Saraf Center was under construction it was decided that no time would be wasted and the children for whom the whole program is being developed, they should start getting the benefit out of it. Hence Mauqa Schools were started in various places where there was a need for them was identified. These Mauqa, workshop and vocational schools started functioning (April 2013) in the evening according to the time suitable for out of school and working children

On a covered area of 10,000 square ft. the custom built complex comprising classrooms and a production house was started in November 2012, by the generous donation from Justice Yusuf Saraf’s family, and has been completed in a time frame of 10 months.


Established in:  2013
Session 2022-23 Strength:  235
Average Class Strength:  33
Number of Teachers:  08

Brig.(Rtd.) Amjad Javed


Sultana Foundation

A Project of Islah-e-Fikr Educational & Welfare Trust ®
Social Reconstruction through Human Development


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