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Abdur Rauf Khan Library

Originally established as Center of Excellence in 1995, the primary objective of this vast collection of books, encyclopedias, magazines & literature was to expand the horizon of education & knowledge to the common man as well as students. This Center of Excellence was named as “Sultana Foundation Library” in 1997.

The library was established with the help of Gp. Capt. (R) G. M. Siddiqui and his team. Mr. Ibn-ul-Hasan & M.B. Khalid donated 400 books for the inauguration of the library. Then various people started donating and the current number of books is over 15,400. These books are on different subjects including Islam, Sciences, Languages, Technology, Literature, History, Computers etc.

Later Ambassador (R) Abdur Rauf Khan was handed over the charge of the library & as the director of this department he vastly contributed in establishing a setup which can be compared with other well known Libraries in the country.

Membership of the library is open to students and teachers of Sultana Foundation.

Ms. Rukhsana Batool


Sultana Foundation

A Project of Islah-e-Fikr Educational & Welfare Trust ®
Social Reconstruction through Human Development


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