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SF Schools

In 1994 Sultana Foundation started with a 2-Room Primary school for boys in Farash Town Islamabad ( rural area). With the passage of time this institution grown up and separated into Primary School for boys and girls, Girls High School and Boys High

Primary classes in both Boys High School and Girls High School were being conducted separately in second shift. This was difficult for the young students as well as administration. To overcome the difficulty, primary classes were separated from the High Schools and in April 2003 & a new primary school from prep class to class V was opened in building 1 of the foundation. This Institution is trying to provide education and character building of students according to need of society. The Principal of the institutions Mrs. Ghazala Sarwar is a qualified and experienced educationist and is struggling with her team for holistic development of children. The Primary School is truly a unit where Sultana Foundation applied its new thoughts about holistic child development.

Established in:  1993
Session 2022-23 Strength:  1055
Average Class Strength:   32
Number of Teachers:   43

Mrs. Ghazala Sarwar

The number of students in primary school kept increasing making the accommodation for the primary school insufficient. Proper classrooms were required for fast increasing number of students. In 1994 a Girls school up-to middle level was opened in newly constructed building of the foundation, which was soon upgraded to Metric level, registered with Federal Directorate of Education and Affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad.

Established in:  1994
Session 2022-23 Strength:  643
Average Class Strength:  43
Number of Teachers:  19

Ms Samina Rani

Now known as the directorate of schools, Sultana Foundation’s schools started as a two room Primary School in Farash Town. While the first building of Sultana Foundation was under construction in 1993, the primary School was started in a rented house in Farash Town. Later on the school was expanded up to  SSC level.

In April 2000 Boys High School was shifted to a new building constructed on a Sultana Foundation 2-acre plot of land in Farash Town. The school has specious classrooms, laboratory and other facilities.The school comprises the classes from 6th to class 10th, the admissions granted  in first week of the April every year. There is capacity of more than 700 students to study in one session.

Established in:  April   2000
Session 2022-23 Strength:  570
Average Class Strength:  38
Number of Teachers:  22

Waseem Irshad

Acting Principal

In February 1995, special children Section was established, with the start of an education class for the physically handicapped children.

The curriculum of studies for the children is the same as fo other students of the High School, prescribed by the Federal Board of Education, Islamabad. Dedicated and able teachers’ pay special attention to each and every child according to his/her particular needs. The students are encouraged to participation in extracurricular activities.To improve their physical condition, they are regularly examined by specialist doctors and recommended medical treatment is provided to them. All Educational, medical treatment and other facilities like books, uniform and pick and drop services is free for the children.

Currently there are 71 students in the school.

Established in:  1995
Session 2022-23 Strength:  70
Average Class Strength:  24
Number of Teachers:  07

Shaista Asghar Kiyani


  • Formerly known as Women Development Literacy & Education Institute, it was established in 1993 as part of Sultana Foundation’s program to bring women at par with men in society. Therefore it was necessary that women be provided basic education & vocational training skills. In some households in the suburbs of Sultana Foundation, parents were reluctant to send their women to a far off place therefore formal and non-formal schools /centers were set up in distant & remote villages. This was the very basis of Sultana Foundation’s commitment to provide services accessible & convenient to public.
  • The department started with various vocational and educational centers in the suburbs of Islamabad, their head office being in the premises of Sultana Foundation. A large amount of women benefitted from our centers.
Established in:  1994
Session 2022-23 Strength:   40
Average Class Strength:   13
Number of Teachers:  03

Mrs. Zaitoon Munir