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Determined to rebuild
the society through EducationTrainingSocial Development

Giving new meaning to the lives of Pakistanis who are hard working, intelligent and are second to none.


Genesis of

Sultana Foundation

Sultana Foundation as it stands today, is a monument of how a small group of people inspired by the call of a visionary for a noble cause, can bring so much of achievement in such a short time with hardly any visible resources at hand. It is also an example of how the lack of financial resources is no barrier if the cause is just, necessary will is there, credibility is not lacking, and the performance is visible. Sultana Foundation should not be seen as a complex catering for the educational, vocational and health needs of the people just as a charity, but it was a call to wake up the society from slumber and make it move through human development, and setting an example by taking a lead.

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Our mission

Sultana Foundation is a TRUST which is financed by Voluntary Donations from within and outside Pakistan.

In 1994 we started with a 2-Room Primary school for boys. In a short span of eight years we have reached up to University level.

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Sultana Foundation is a Vision, converted into a Mission

An Idea made into a Movement

We can and will In Shaw’ ALLAH

A Dream in Actualisation

Which is to build a Society on our own Value System, free and fair for all who feel Pride in being Pakistani.

Globe is already in darkness, Half is Darkness of Greed & the other half is in Darkness of Need, In turmoil of New World Disorder

Sultana Foundation

A Project of Islah-e-Fikr Educational & Welfare Trust ®
Social Reconstruction through Human Development


Farash Town, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad Pakistan

+92 (051) 2618.201-206

+92 (051) 2618.207

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