Dr. Ghani


Chairman of Sultana Foundation

It has been our endeavor in Sultana Foundation to create awareness about the importance of Faith, Knowledge and Human Energy in building a society of Harmony, Justice and opportunities, a society where human values can flourish.

Sultana Foundation programmes are to include ideas of discipline and leadership in our youth to prepare them to reconstruct a society of Justice and cherished values and have strength to protect their collective freedom also.

My heart goes out to thank all my colleagues and friends whose dedication has made a dream into a real venture and converted a vision of a few friends into a full-fledged mission. May Allah give all of us strength to pursue a balanced path to build our society & country as an example for other nations. (Ameen)


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Justice Yousaf Saraf Centre for Research, Rehabilitation & Mainstreaming of Street Children (8th Apr, 2013)

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