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About Us


It has been our endeavor in Sultana Foundation to create awareness about the importance of Faith, Knowledge and Human Energy in building a society of Harmony, Justice and opportunities, a society where human values can flourish.

Sultana Foundation programs are to include ideas of discipline and leadership in our youth to prepare them to reconstruct a society of Justice and cherished values and have strength to protect their collective freedom also.

My heart goes out to thank all my colleagues and friends whose dedication has made a dream into a real venture and converted a vision of a few friends into a full-fledged mission. May Allah give all of us strength to pursue a balanced path to build our society & country as an example for other nations. (Ameen).


Sultana Foundation At a Glance



  • Sultana Foundation is a project of Islah-e-Fikr Educational & Welfare Trust, registered as a non-commercial & non-profit trust, established in 1990. Its main Complex situated at Lehtrar Road, Islamabad, is spread on 50 kanals, (25,000 sq meters) comprising 4 multistory buildings having covered area of 200,000 sq. ft. (20,000 sq. Meters).
  • It was felt that there is a need for an integrated development of our society covering the fields of education, health, skills training, character building and personality development, spirit of self-help, etc. and not just a few welfare projects. Our society has-been subjected to stagnation for such a long time that it has lost its orientation. The gap between haves and have not is too big. Health and Education are becoming inaccessible to the common man, their earnings are shrinking and the moral values in general are degenerating.
  • On the other hand, they are not lacking the basic intelligence and talent. Our experience has proven that they have not been spoil by the atmosphere prevailing in the cities were more disciplined and pliable and were free of any prejudices. They are a fine human material that is remaining untapped. What they need is good institutions closer to their homes, better roads and transportation facilities and reorganisation of their societies.
  • The Sultana Foundation was established as a pilot project right in the heart of the villages, which could serve as a model for others. Another consideration, which was kept in mind was that quality-wise this institution should be second to none and at the same time remaining accessible to the common man in the fields of modern sciences and sophisticated technologies.
  • It all started from a group of like-minded people, meeting once a week in Islamabad under the name of Halqa Islah-e-Fikr, found in the year 1987, by Chairman Dr.Naeem Ghani, who was already running free dispensaries at a few places in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and the surrounding villages in the name of Maqasid-e-Insania. The lesson learnt is that there is no dearth of supporters and well-wishers, if you take the lead and prove it through your action and credibility and performance is the key note.
  • Sultana Foundation is a Vision, converted into a Mission, an Idea made into a Movement, a Dream in Actualization, a Claim in Practice, towards our Commitment for Realization of Promise of Pakistan, which is to build a Society on our own Value System, Free and Fair for all who feel Pride in being Pakistani. Pakistan and its people have the Will and Potential to light a Candle in Global Darkness of Greed and Need and New World Disorder.

Sultana Foundation

A Project of Islah-e-Fikr Educational & Welfare Trust ®
Social Reconstruction through Human Development


Farash Town, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad Pakistan

+92 (051) 2618.201-206

+92 (051) 2618.207


  • Prepare people for the responsibility by expanding their Freedom
  • Paint the imagination of society with Dawn of an Era of Hope
  • Confidence and Responsibility.
  • Resolve for Revival of “Commitment to Knowledge in Our Culture”.
  • Culture the principles of Honesty, Integrity and Conviction by personal character and example.
  • Continuous Quality Improvement and “Making Best the Better”
  • Cost effective Medicare and Health Education.
  • War against Illiteracy.
  • Translating Worth-Experimenting ideas into actions without waiting for resources and aid packages